3 Reasons to get braces for your kid while they’re young

01 June, 2015

The sight of a child with dental braces has become quite common because more parents these days are realizing the need to address oral health concerns whilst children are still young. Inevitably, some people remain skeptical over the need for this treatment at such an early age. In fact, it is not surprising that some find the idea unnecessary.

Truth be told, it is important for kids to get braces at an early age. If you’re wondering why it is because of the following reasons:

Making Full Use of Natural Development

The first reason is, early orthodontic treatment makes full use of the child’s natural development. This provides an opportunity for the dentist to correct jaw discrepancies and crowding without resorting to complex treatments. Research shows that different orthodontic techniques that go with braces are more successful in patients between the ages 7 and 10.

Possibly Shortening the Treatment Time

Getting orthodontics early may also result in a shorter treatment time. Misaligned permanent teeth are easier to correct whilst the bone is still growing – ergo, when the patient is still young. This opens the possibility of a shorter treatment time, not to mention the likelihood of a more stable end result.

Avoiding More Complicated Treatments in the Future

The real benefit of getting braces for kids is the early detection of oral health problems. It is easier to spot different conditions when a dentist starts treatment early. This also avoids the need for invasive treatments for health problems that worsen over time.

In many cases, braces are necessary to correct malocclusions and to improve the oral health of a child. If you think your child needs to get braces in Perth, Solas Orthodontics can help you. Our comprehensive dental exam can determine whether or not your young one needs orthodontic treatment. From there, we will discuss your options to address the oral health concerns of your child. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to enquire about the services we offer.