Invisible Braces: Helping adults everywhere.

03 June, 2015

Before invisible braces hit the market, deciding to get teeth straighteners brought about a debate among many adults. Metal braces can be unsightly and may not suit the patient’s preferred lifestyle.

Luckily, technology came through for us. With the advent of invisible braces, adults are less reluctant to consult an orthodontist and talk about their straightening treatment options. Mouth full of metal? No longer a problem. See how invisible braces can change your life.

How do they work?

These braces – also referred to as Incognito lingual braces – are invisible because of how they are placed. Unlike they do with metal braces, our orthodontists position these braces behind, or on the backside, of your teeth. On the upper teeth, we place them very high, so they do not touch your tongue, while on the lower teeth, we position them very low, away from your tongue as well.

Although this procedure sounds painful, the amount of discomfort is minimal. A few weeks after placement, you will eventually get used to the sensation.

How are they better than outside braces?

Other than the fact that they are hidden, Incognito lingual braces are custom-manufactured to answer one specific tooth misalignment. Before we make the actual braces, we use a custom bracket to position the tooth where we need it to be. With advanced technology, these braces are more effective than their traditional metal counterparts.

How do they help people?

You cannot deny the role of physical appearance in leading our lives. A patient’s complaint is always this: “I don’t want people to be distracted of my teeth when talking to me or looking at my mouth.” We understand that you feel self-conscious, as this can affect social interactions and other facets of your lifestyle.

Getting braces will not only leave a physical impact, but also an emotional one. No longer should you let this to stop you from getting straighter and better-aligned teeth.

Whether you have crooked teeth or a wrong bite, choose braces that do not interfere with your lifestyle, while giving you faster and better results.