Should I get braces at 30?

08 June, 2015

Most people think back to their awkward teenage years whenever the topic of braces and orthodontics come up. It’s a rite of passage for many; a necessary phase one goes through as a tween or in secondary school. What happens if you skipped this stage, though? What if you are 30 years old and still have crooked teeth? Should you still get braces?

Is there an Age Limit to Orthodontic Treatment?

Solas Orthodontics believes that there is no age limit for dental braces. Sure, it’s easier when you’re younger since the teeth and the gums are all still pliable and the growth still easy to handle, but just because you’re two decades late doesn’t mean you have no chance at better looking teeth.

There are a couple of reasons for a 30 year old to have to wear braces. It can be the desire for a better set of teeth now that you finally have the means, or it can be an orthodontic relapse. Either way, you shouldn’t be terrified at the idea of sporting braces at your age.

It’s a procedure you’re going to benefit from, so why cower in shame? You can have a shot at fixing your teeth. More importantly, you should actually look forward to it because it’s not as aesthetically displeasing as before. Do you remember brackets and wires from decades ago? Orthodontics today doesn’t mean having to be embarrassed by your smile.

Is it Going to Look Bad?

21st century orthodontics means lingual braces, clear braces, or micro braces. It means better-looking teeth. It means getting the result that you want without the ancient discomfort and the blow to your self-esteem. Because you live in a more mature world, nobody really notices.

The shame of having to wear braces will wear off in no time, and you will be showing off your beautiful set of teeth. We encourage this line of thought and want everyone to not pass up the chance of getting their teeth fixed.

Here at Solas Orthodontics, we offer a wide array of smart solutions for adults who want to fix their teeth. We have Invisalign, Damon Self Ligating Braces, Damon Clear, Lingual, and Clear Braces. All these solutions promise discretion while the fixing gets done.

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