Smiles like teen spirit what you need to know about invisalign teen

29 May, 2015

Invisalign is a well-known brand that presents an innovative orthodontic treatment – clear braces. This product is a modern approach to teeth straightening solutions. Under the same umbrella comes the Invisalign Teen, which is specifically designed to suit the straightening needs of adolescents.

Similar Level of Effectiveness

Invisalign Teen is like the traditional braces minus the metal brackets and wires. It’s similarly effective for the purpose of fixing misaligned teeth. You must follow a dentist’s specific instructions on the utilisation of Invisalign Teen. Moreover, you must get it from an experienced Invisalign-trained Perth orthodontist.

Provides More Benefits

Although they may be similar, clear braces have a few advantages over the metal ones. For one, you can remove Invisalign as you please. If you’re playing sports, you can take them off for safety. For musicians, removing the aligners can help you play a wind instrument properly. Of course, you’re not compelled to avoid eating hard food or those that stick, like popcorn.

Avoids Anxiety due to Humiliation

Some teens hate having crooked or misaligned teeth, and there are those who hate wearing braces even more. With Invisalign Teen, you don’t have to go through the anxious feeling of getting embarrassed for having metal brackets and wires. People won’t even notice that you have clear braces when you smile.

Appropriateness for Teens

Basically, patients are eligible for Invisalign Teen if they have erupted or erupting permanent teeth. Your Invisalign orthodontist in Perth should evaluate your dental condition to determine your fitness. As orthodontists differ in experience with Invisalign, it’s advisable to get a second opinion from others.

Cost and Treatment Schedule

The cost of Invisalign Teen is the same as the traditional orthodontics in Perth. Likewise, you have to wear it just as long as the metal ones. Since you can remove them any time you want, orthodontists suggest you wear them at least 20 to 22 hours a day and change every two weeks to see better results.

Clear braces clearly offer more advantages than the traditional ones. Here at Solas Orthodontics, we offer Invisalign Teen to give you a more appealing smile. Contact us now to get straighter teeth without the uncomfortable and anxious feeling of metal brackets and wires.