Adult braces-discreet and affordable options

15 October, 2016

Have you always wanted a straighter smile, but are worried it’s too late to seek treatment now? For those that missed the boat of orthodontics during teenage years, you may be unsure whether it’s unusual or even possible for you to look into options like braces as an adult. The good news is, there are orthodontic options for adults and seeking them out isn’t uncommon.

If crooked teeth, crowding or misalignment are the cause of your dental woes, braces are the way to go. However, traditional braces can be more visible than some adults would prefer. Thankfully, there are several aesthetically-pleasing options for adults needing braces. Here are a few.


Go incognito with your dental treatment using Incognito Lingual Braces. While traditional braces are fixed to the front of your teeth, Incognito braces are discreetly attached to the back of your teeth. They offer the same great results as traditional braces, but all the work is being done behind the scenes where it won’t be seen. This option is not only virtually invisible; it’s also one that’s fast and painless. Incognito braces take less than 2 hours to fit and the process is pain-free.


Invisalign are one of the most popular dental appliances for treating crooked teeth. It’s not just a clever name, these aligners are near-invisible, so there’s no embarrassment wearing them – people won’t even notice you’re wearing braces! The clear, removable aligners are snugly fitted to your teeth and replaced every fortnight to move your teeth until you achieve the desired results. Get a beautiful smile in comfort with this near-invisible option.


Not everyone is a good candidate for invisible aligners, but Damon Clear is a versatile option which can treat almost any degree of crookedness or misalignment. This option is slightly more visible than the others, with a thin straightening wire across the teeth and clear brackets fitted to each tooth, but it’s able to achieve fantastic results. While it may not be as aesthetically pleasing as the other treatments in the short term, the long term impact it will have on your smile can make Damon Clear a worthwhile and still quite discreet option. Another benefit is that the Damon Clear treatment works fast – treatment with Damon Clear can be up to six months faster than traditional braces.

So get the smile you’ve always wanted without having to worry about sporting a “metal mouth” look. Book a consultation today to see if one of these options can work for you.