When to best get an orthodontic treatment.

05 June, 2015


Age brings different implications when it comes to dental treatments. If you are a parent who’s after getting your children an orthodontic treatment for their crooked teeth, you may be asking, “Is my child too young to wear braces?”

The Life Cycle of Teeth

The teeth start to grow even in infancy. By the age of six to eight, kids will start to lose their baby teeth or milk teeth. The first batch of molars will start to come out at this stage followed by the next when they become 12. Wisdom teeth, the third set of molars will complete the dental arches as a person approaches adolescence and their 20s.


At the age of six, children get their first adult tooth. In the coming years, the natural alignment of the teeth will shoot up and you will immediately recognise if the teeth are forming a straight row or not. Some say this is the best time to start wearing braces. But consider this – are they mature enough and emotionally prepared enough to wear them every day?


The high school year is when everybody is wearing braces to fix their pre-adult teeth. Some teens get their wisdom teeth before they turn 18, or even earlier. As a parent with adolescents, you can take advantage of this year when they are most concerned about looking their best. They will most likely be compliant to the treatment schedule.


A high number of Invisalign users are in their 20s. This is probably because people recognise the benefits of having a nice smile in relation to their careers or social life. As an adult, you would want to always be presentable without the highly visible metal braces. Thus, Invisalign is the perfect solution.

Having said these, anytime can be the best time to get orthodontic treatment. Talk to us and learn about our range of treatment options for children, teens, and adults.