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Experience a Personal, Caring Approach to Orthodontics

Discover Solas Orthodontics, a specialist clinic where your journey matters. A place where we show you the bigger picture, build your full dentofacial profile, and show you what is possible when it comes to aligning treatment with your personal goals!

The Solas philosophy is to take a full-face, holistic approach to our clients’ alignment issues. Orthodontic treatments have the capacity to delicately reshape the symmetry of the whole face, not merely the smile.

Our Treatments for Kids, Teens and Adults

At Solas Orthodontics, we work with the latest orthodontic technology from early orthodontics treatment, fast and comfortable braces, to invisible alignment solutions.

We have a wide range of options including Invisalign®, Spark® Clear Aligners, LightForce™ 3D-printed clear braces and Incognito® gold lingual braces.

Early Orthodontic
Early Orthodontic
By starting regular visits from the age of 7, Dr. O'Connor can oversee the growth of your child's jaw and teeth, ensuring timely intervention for any necessary treatments.
Using cutting-edge braces technology, we offer shorter treatment time, increased comfort and better aesthetic options. Your braces journey has never been so easy!
Invisalign ®
Invisalign ®
Invisalign® are transparent aligners which are custom-shaped to gently guide your teeth into the perfect position. It’s discreet when you’re wearing it and it’s easy to take it out when you need to.
With the high level of personalisation LightForce™ 3D-printed braces have the ability to move teeth more than 40% faster than metal braces and have fewer appointments!
Invisible Solutions
Invisible Solutions
Find your perfect treatment match! Between Invisalign®, Spark® clear aligners, LightForce® 3D-printed braces, Incognito® and more, we’ve got you covered!
Surgical Treatments
Surgical Treatments
As a highly experienced Specialist Orthodontist, Dr O’Connor is able to advise on surgical options and collaborate seamlessly with a team of skilled maxillofacial surgeons.

Your Journey to a New Smile

Your Initial Consultation

Dr. O’Connor and his skilled team start by creating your dento-facial profile by gathering your initial records – dental photographs, X-rays and measurements. We then take the time to understand your aspirations for your smile and present the best suitable treatment choices tailored to you.

Your Treatment Plan

Each treatment plan is uniquely created by Dr. O’Connor to fit your smile goals. It includes your treatment options, treatment lengths and any financial consideration so you can start your new smile journey with confidence.

Your Journey Begins

Your teeth start moving instantly and our experienced team is here to accompany you during this exciting journey! You will receive your personalised folder with all the important information to take care of your treatment.

Your New Smile

Finally, we can reveal your beautiful smile transformation! We are here to provide you with comprehensive aftercare and make sure you continue to enjoy a smile that lasts a lifetime.

Meet Dr Daniel O’Connor

Highly experienced, internationally trained and published Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Daniel O’Connor has more than 20 years in practice. He prides himself in going above and beyond to deliver the best treatment plans and smile results. He has treated thousands of people in Australia, Europe and Asia and loves being part of each and every patient’s journey towards a life perfectly aligned.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to have been under the treatment of Dr O’Connor & his wonderful team for my Invisalign journey.”
“They go above and beyond & I truly couldn’t be happier with my experience here – as well as my results! I can’t recommend them enough! :)”


“Highly recommended place for Orthodontic treatment. Dr Connor is extremely professional and regarded. Pleasing to be there on every appointment for our daughter. Always interesting to watch the way Dr Connor interacts with the children with fun and care. The front desk staff are very kind and helpful always with a smile.”


“I can’t speak highly enough of the entire team at Solas Orthodontics. As an adult working corporate, venturing into the world of braces was extremely daunting. The whole process from start to finish was amazing”…”It was worth ever penny and I’d have no hesitation in recommending Daniel & his team to anyone wanting to look into and/or get orthodontic work.”


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