Fixed functional appliances

Correct issues with teeth, bite and palate with fixed functional appliances.

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A fixed solution for faster treatment

Fixed functional appliances are often used to treat overbites by bringing the lower jaw forward. This type of treatment has the advantage of acting on the teeth around the clock and is useful in correcting moderate-to-severe jaw differences in growing patients.

Benefits of fixed functional appliances

  • Uses natural growth to align teeth.
  • Ensures dental regimen is followed.
  • No risk of being lost or misplaced.

The process for fixed functional appliances

1 Get to know us and the process

Book your initial appointment with Solas Orthodontics.

You’ll have an initial consultation with Dr O’Connor at our Perth orthodontic clinic to determine whether fixed appliances should be part of your smile journey.

2 A 3D scan and one quick impression

A single impression is taken along with a 3D scan.

We use the latest 3D digital scanning technology and in-house X-ray facilities to better know your smile, the underlying causes of alignment issues and help you better understand the process moving forward.

3 We begin the journey together

We begin with the placement of separators at our practice.

In a single appointment, we’ll place the separators and make adjustments for comfort. This process usually takes around X hours.

4 Regular adjustments to improve facial profile

Stop in every so often for an adjustment.

We’ll review your progress throughout the process. You’ll have a regular but flexible appointment dates to adjust the plate throughout the treatment.

5 Post-treatment review before transition to braces.

Understand the next steps and after-care.

Before moving to braces, we’ll have a full consultation to review your progress and map out the next steps, following a 3D scan.


What age should I bring my child in for an appointment?

Approximately 11-13 years old.

Will braces be required as well as fixed appliances?

Orthodontic treatments varies according to age and complexity of the patient.

What is the average cost of treatment of this kind?

Because treatment needs are different for each child, we will give you an accurate cost after your orthodontic consultation.

How long will I or my child have to wear them?

This is determined on a case-by-case basis, but it’s usually around 9- to 12-months.

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