Removable Plates

Correct problems with jaw growth or tooth development early, for a life perfectly aligned.

Removable appliances for developing faces.

Twin Block Appliances

Twin-Block appliance makes use of two plates, one for the upper jaw and one for the lower. It encourages a more favourable direction of jaw growth, particularly when the lower jaw is underdeveloped.

Twin-Block appliances also work to improve the position of upper teeth that stick out too far, and can create more space for crowded teeth.


A bionator is a form of removable appliance that uses a single plate to correct the upper and lower teeth and jaws. It is used to treat overbites by bringing the lower jaw forward.

Bionators are a popular option for younger children as they are painless and come in a variety of colours – including glitter sparkles and glow-in-the-dark! This type of plate is usually suitable for patients aged 7 years or older.

Benefits of removable plates

  • See the difference as their confidence and smile returns.
  • Enjoy eating your favourite foods. Plates are removable and easy to clean.
  • Reduce the risk of dental accidents in the playground.

The process for removable plates

1 Get to know us and the process

Book your initial appointment with Solas Orthodontics.

You’ll have an initial consultation with Dr O’Connor at our Perth orthodontic clinic to determine whether plates should be part of your smile journey…

2 A 3D scan and one quick impression

A single impression is taken along with a 3D scan.

Solas Orthodontics uses the latest 3D digital scanning technology and in-house X-ray facilities to better understand your smile, the underlying causes of misalignment and help you better understand the process moving forward.

3 Time to pick your style

Stylise your removable plate.

Our removable plates are customisable. Your kids can choose their favourite colour, multicolour, rainbow, sparkles or uncoloured.

4 Your personalised plate arrives!

The journey begins.

Wear your plate as per your orthodontist’s instructions, usually at night and for most of the day outside eating times or sporting activity.

5 After care, from a caring team

We look after you long-term.

You might start noticing the changes in just a few months. We’re here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


What age should I bring my child in for an appointment?

According to the Australian Society of Orthodontists’ guidelines, we can begin screening patients from the age of 7.

Will braces be required as well as a plate?

Every face and situation is unique. Treatments vary according to age and the complexity of alignment issues.

What is the average cost of removable plates?

Because treatment needs are different for each child, we will give you an accurate cost after your orthodontic consultation.

How long does my child have to wear a removable plate?

Removable plate treatment times vary from one child to another. As an average, plates are worn for 6 months full-time, then 6 months night-time only.

Do plates hurt?

No, although there may be slight discomfort at the beginning. We promise, it does pass!

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