The Latest in Braces Technology

Damon Braces are a recent advance in dental technology that straighten teeth more quickly and comfortably than traditional braces. Designed to be discreet, comfortable, and easy to clean, the Damon system moves teeth faster and requires fewer adjustments.


What are Self-Ligating Braces?

On a basic level, braces work on a simple principle – your teeth are attached to a curved wire running along the outside face of your teeth. The wire pulls your teeth into proper alignment by applying consistent pressure. This wire is connected to your teeth not directly, but by brackets that grip your tooth on one side, and the wire on the other.

The difference between self-ligating braces and traditional braces lies in the way in the brackets are attached to the wire. The brackets on traditional braces use elastic ties and sometimes rubber bands to grip the wire. self-ligating braces use a slide or clip mechanism to guide the brackets (and your teeth along with them) along the wire.


What are the Advantages of Self-Ligating Braces?

The clip system used by self-ligating braces moves your teeth faster and more comfortably while using less force than traditional braces. The elastic bands of traditional braces create friction, acting like parking brakes as your teeth are guided into position along the wire. Self-ligating braces slide easily along the wire, resulting in a more comfortable and convenient experience.

In summary, Damon Q self-ligating braces provide:

  • Lighter wire forces: Increased patient comfort
  • Faster wire changes: Less chair time at appointments
  • No elastic ties: Improved oral hygiene
  • Reduced friction on wires: Fewer appointments and shorter treatment